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Climate neutrality


The toGo Bag Nature Line is made of natural felt and offers a sustainable and long-lasting solution for mobile use of the toGo Filter.

The toGo Bag is a protective bag that protects the toGo filter with its robust, water-repellent felt material. The toGo Bag can also be used in any other way, for example for additional organization in the handbag or to cover bottles.


A functional design element made of black faux leather is sewn on the side. The artificial leather is PU-free and robust. The name or other personal words can be written down here with a ballpoint pen. The writing can also be removed again.

The color of the toGo Bag Nature Line is dark gray with a black accent.


Material: natural felt, artificial leather
Length: 30cm
Diameter: 9cm
Weight: 32g

In order to make our contribution to a climate-neutral future, we have chosen natural materials for the toGo Bag Nature Line and use 100% natural felt. Our natural felt bag fabric is manufactured in Germany using a low-CO2 recycling, production and delivery process. The high-quality fabric feels soft yet is resistant to scratches and rubbing. Together with a design studio from Bavaria, the fabrics were then used to create our own to-go bag design and the protective bag was sewn. With every purchase we can reuse more empties and thus ensure that waste is not returned to the cycle in a harmful but beneficial way.

The toGo filter can be easily inserted into the inside of the bag with the head down. The other way around is also possible, the hand strap can also be raised upwards so that the toGo filter can be removed from the toGo bag even more conveniently.


Note: If the toGo filter remains in this position in the bag for a long time, the direction of the hand strap could change permanently.


Bottles, wine bottles and other items can also be taken with you in the to-go bag. The toGo Bag is not only a sustainable alternative for practical protective solutions, but can also be used in a variety of ways.