toGo Filter Story



What moved us

Human contact is essential, both professionally and privately. However, with Corona, the beautiful, personal moments were suddenly overshadowed by an unprecedented risk. The risk of dying from it or suffering long-term after-effects, even as a perfectly healthy person, cannot be ignored. The human fates of life in lockdown are also touching. 

From now on, society was confronted with completely new, legal rules. What did politicians want to tell us before that? Suddenly we should be wearing masks like in Hollywood films. Couldn't you have said right away that it is the medical ones that are the only ones that really protect? Other nations knew. 

And then the question when it would finally end? All hope rested on researchers and scientists. Certainly, a virus infection can only be fended off in the end if we would get our highly complex, human organism 100% immune. But what good is immunity in one place if there is nothing like it just a few hours away or across the border? And how much would we lose our accustomed quality of life and freedom on the way there? 

The TV, PC and smart phone have become more than ever a platform for parallel worlds. Because after 30 years with the Internet we were networked everywhere and the self-portrayal via social media suddenly developed from a “worldwide travel diary and adventure park” to “who am I at home”. Some really wanted to find out more, others went into entertainment. Some were engaged in a long-awaited hobby and some used the time to make their contribution. So why not just use the modern tools of the 21st century that had solved so many things up to now.


Who is the founder?

Founder Patricia Greißl was one of them and, with zest for action, started looking for a technical tool early on that people can use to clean their air anywhere and at any time. It was very important to her to reduce the invisible danger from the air and to protect herself and others better without the constant issue that interlocutors often split up at the beginning of a meeting. Until she was immune, she wanted to carry a personal gadget with her that would automatically increase protection to a maximum everywhere. A technical solution with which you could flexibly take your air quality into your own hands and put a smile on the faces of others.  

Growing up a little south of Munich, she comes from an area that has excellent air quality by global standards. At the same time, in her younger years she had extensive experience with dangers from the air. In 2007 she experienced those days in California when the particulate matter exposure from fires was so severe that she should not leave the building. In 2009 she was there when the H1N1 virus (swine flu) broke out locally in Hong Kong. Shortly afterwards, she experienced that summer in Beijing when the sun was a pale ball of fire behind a thick layer of fine dust, the skin began to itch on rainy days and the eyes definitely had to be protected. And that even though countless electric taxis, cars and scooters were rolling through the streets. A year later she survived a severe course of dengue fever in India. It was there that she learned the art of natural survival. She still remembers the moment you returned to Germany in 2010, where she took a first deep breath and the fresh, clean air awakened her body and mind.     

In the last 10 years Patricia has seen a large number of different buildings from the inside due to her job. She knew about the existing and nonexistent ventilation technology. She experienced the pandemic up close in her everyday life, but her awareness of the healthy air we breathe was already there.

This is how the to-go air purifier was created.

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