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Experience a better air quality wherever you are.

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Breathe healthy air in every interior and ensure a permanent exchange of polluted air into clean air. This way you minimize the risk of inhaling unwanted air particles. With the toGo Filter you can do this anywhere.

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Purify your air professionally in the breathing environment

The ambient air is sucked in and filtered within a 2 meter radius via a 360° inlet. At the same time, the filtered air flows upwards and forms a high protective wall for those present.

Filters all particles that are harmful to health

The toGo Filter has a 3-layer filter system with the pre-filter, HEPA 13 and activated carbon filter. Choose this type of air purification and cover the entire range of bronchial to pulmonary pollutants to ensure maximum protection against harmful aerosol particles.

Solution with long-lasting battery

The air purifier toGo Filter has a very powerful battery to efficiently circulate the air even in battery operation and with the HEPA 13 filter strength.

FAQ Air purifier with battery

How high is the CADR value?

The CADR value is 12 - 25 m3/hr. One device filters the breathing air per person up to 13 times per hour. The toGo filter is designed for a maximum of 4 people. If there are more people, we recommend more devices because the breathing air is circulated less than 3 times per hour and therefore the air exchange is no longer sufficient.

How long does the filter inlet last?

When used continuously 24/7, the filter insert lasts 3 months and up to 6 months when used only half a day. We recommend replacing the filter after 6 months at the latest.

How long does the battery last?

Depending on the operation mode 3-9 hours.

How to charge the device?

The supplied USB cable can be easily plugged into a charging plug in the socket, on the PC or in the car. The toGo filter is fully charged after 120 minutes.

Can I also operate the toGo filter in power mode?

Yes, when connected to power, the toGo filter runs continuously. If you unplug the device while charging, the ventilation automatically speeds up and signals a yellow or red LED light. At that moment, the toGo filter assumes that you want to move to another place and ensures a faster filter effect through stronger ventilation.

What is special about a 3-layer filter?

A 3-layer filter system removes the full range of bronchial and pulmonary pollutants from the air. These are aerosol particles with adhering bacteria, viruses, allergens, pollen, mites, mold spores, dander, house dust, toner dust, animal hair, smoke and volatile gases (TVOC) as well as PM 2.5 and PM 10 fine dust.

What is an activated carbon filter?

The activated carbon filter eliminates unwanted odors and smoke.

What is a HEPA 13 filter?

The HEPA 13 stops >99.9% of the finest air particles >0.3 micrometers including COVID virus, other virus and bacteria.

How high is the noise level?

The noise level is 30 dB whisper quiet to 45 dB. The device is barely audible in quiet mode; in fast mode, the toGoFilter is quieter than a normal conversation, but it makes a background noise. If you are in a quiet place and have the device in smart mode and the ventilation speeds up, you can quickly set the gentle mode with one click.



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