toGo Filter Double Air Purifier black/silver

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2x Air purifier including 2x Filter inserts

Mobile, portable, can be used practically anywhere, this air purifier is your personal solution. Take it to any place, use it with anyone. Put it on the table, turn it on, breathe clean air.


up to 9 hours battery life 

24 hour operation with electricity

Filters the air you breathe 13 times per hour per person and is designed for max. 4 people 

Effective for an area of up to 2 meter radius or 15 m2 room size

Air quality feedback via an intelligent sensor and the LED traffic light

Automated filter speed adjustment

Convenient filter change after 2.100 hours of running time

3-layer 360 ° filter with pre-filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA 13 filter

> 99.9% filter efficiency at > 0.3 micrometers   

Filter lifetime up to 2.100 hours until exchange is recommended



View the user manual here.